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What exactly is “normal” behavior? It could possibly be something we, as a specific culture, find appealing or acceptable, or it could be what someone else or another culture deems as tolerable, or it could possibly be something no one really knows, but just assumes. I personally think it’s more of a mixture of all the above.
To me, “normal” behavior is something that is not raunchy, extreme, or moral crossing, and its borders, if you will, vary with acceptable and unacceptable actions. With that said, I have drawn my own conclusions of “normal” behavior through my culture, environment, and some behaviors I am willing to overlook, which may border the “do not do’s” but haven’t completely crossed into unchartered and unacceptable waters.
In hopes of establishing a better understanding of my own definition of “normal” behavior, I sat in the parking lot at Walmart and just watched as people came and went. Walmart offers a plethora of different people coming and going; money versus little money, male versus female, vibrant versus average, etc. Thus, I decided to do my observation at tw...
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