No Time For I'm Sorrys

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No Time For I'm Sorrys As the leaves turn to brilliant colors of orange and yellow and begin their descent to the Earth, the area around the football stadium is filled with the resonate sound of horns and drums. Every afternoon and Saturday, the Goshen High School marching band gathers to fine tune its skills for upcoming games and competitions. To those of us outside of the band culture, the grueling labor and long hours seem excessive, but, to many of the band members, nothing exists that is of higher importance. "It's a lot of dedication, which is hard, but I think everyone needs to have something that they're dedicated to, something they enjoy doing, and [marching band is] the thing I like doing," states Jordan Kauffman, probably the most dedicated member of the band. "For me, I just love music.…it's just something that I love. People who like doing math, do math. I like doing music." Jordan has participated in marching band all four years of his high school career. Starting in the beginning of his second year of high school, he began to take leadership positions in the band. As a sophomore, he applied for and was nominated as the section leader of his instrument, the saxophone. His junior year, the talented young man was elected by his peers to serve as an assistant drum major. In marching band, there is no more important role than that of a drum major. The drum majors act as student assistants to the directors, directing and often running many of the rehearsals. This year, however, Jordan sacrificed his drum major position to march on the field to fill a gap in the French horn section. Jordan's sacrifice for the group has placed him at the level of a demi-god in the eyes of the other band members. Jordan is lanky and lean, with short black hair and a ready smile. Confidence and humility seem to radiate from him, immediately placing those around him at ease. He has a constant optimism that creates an aura of naiveté. His eyes twinkle with excitement every time he talks about music or marching. It's easy to see why the other band members appointed him in so many positions of leadership. His only complaint about band is the few members who don't take it seriously or who don't keep a positive attitude. Jordan works hard and expects others to do the same.

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