No Ordinary Man

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Imagine walking around wearing a Nazi sign on your uniform, carrying a gun; hearing gun shots being fired all around you. While you are smelling the burning flesh of human beings in the air, and killing thousands of innocent people and their children. Knowing you are the reason that 11 million human beings just like you but with different labels died. You look in the mirror to see the reflection of your face, Adolf’s Hitler’s face. Adolf Hitler was a man of many sorts; he has various characteristics that make him who he is. Adolf ruled Germany as a dictator, he treated Jews like gum on the bottom of his shoe, and he also started many wars, in several places, killing many.
To begin with, Adolf Hitler was a very powerful man. He began his political control in 1919, the year after World War I had come to an end. The German Empire had been overcome, and the nation’s economy was left in the ruins. Hitler than joined a small cluster of men who called themselves later on the Nazis. He soon became their leader, and his supporters believed he may possibly win back Germany’s past brilliance. He swore to the people he would reconstruct Germany into a mighty empire that would last a years. Later on Adolf formed an army that called themselves the “Storm Troopers”. They had a certain uniform they had to wear consisting of a brown shirt with a small swastika sign so people would know who they were. Gaining power he was positive that he and the members of his party could restore Germany so he attacked the government and won the people with his strong-minded speeches. As Hitler grew powerful he also became stronger he specified his plan of getting rid of the Jews and making Germany the most powerful place in the world. In late 1933 and so on Germa...

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... Pearl Harbor on December 7th causing Hitler to declare war due to his alliance with the Japanese. From this point on, Hitler4s plans changed vastly. Near the end of it all Hitler had directly conquered fifteen countries and controlled six others.
In conclusion, Hitler was the reason of the Holocaust and the starting of World War II. He started off slight, became immense by what he did to the Jewish race, and attacked many countries. In my opinion, Hitler was a disturbing fellow who deserved nothing but the worst.

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