No Oil Drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

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“Drill Baby Drill” was the comment used by Republican National Chairman Michael Steele at the 2008 Republican National Convention. It became the motto for many pro-offshore drilling advocates, including vice president Republican nominee Sarah Palin. These advocates are trying to destroy the Alaskan preserves, just because Alaska is wealthy in oil. However, Alaska is wealthy in more than just oil. It is wealthy in beauty, wildlife, and culture. Americans and native Alaskans must endorse and implement an environmental law to support wildlife population. Or else overwhelming effects will follow. The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, more commonly known as the ANWR , and other barren lands in Alaska, has a history of combating oil production. In 1923, twenty-three million acres of land was set aside an oil reserve, which became the Naval Petroleum Reserve number four, but later the name changed to the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska. Then, in 1952, a group of scientists released an article called “The Last Great Wilderness,” about Alaska being the last great land America has yet to fully explore and conquer. This article “concluded that the Northeastern corner of Alaska would be ideal for a wildlife protection area.” The United States responded to the article by setting aside two specific areas in Northeastern Alaska. The first, along the North Slope area by the Prudhoe Bay, is for oil and gas production. This is in addition to the National Petroleum Reserve. The second area is about nine million acres on the coastal plain that became the ANWR . Later, the discovery of lots of oil near the ANWR led manufacturers and pro-offshore drilling advocates to show a great interest in opening the ANWR to drilling. Luckily, the Alaska National ...

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...tion and ecosystem. . The Alaska Department of Fish and Game gives out only the amount of hunting permits, which matches the number of animals they determined can die, without having severe environmental effects. The researchers of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game also select which animals must be on the Endangered Species list, or else that animal species will face extinction in the near future. The researchers look at the animal populations again to conclude which animals to campaign for the Endangered Species list. The polar bear is one of the animals they fought to put on the list, and was added. However, Palin suggested to get the polar bear off the endangered species list, and achieved her goal. Overall, my decision is that I am against oil companies taking over the ANWR and putting at risk these native species found only in the beautiful lands of Alaska.
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