No National Health Care System in the U.S.

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The Conflict Theory views society as a competition derived from inequality in class, power, gender, and ethnic variations. The United States currently has no national health care program, this puts an extremely unequal disadvantage for the poor. Medical care is supplied by private businesses whose main intention is making profit. So those who are wealthy will have greater access to medical in our nation. And the handout points out exactly this, unequal distribution wealth cause unequal medical care among the citizens of the United States. To fix this issue, there would need to be either a redistribution of wealth or companies that provide cheap low quality medical services. The former is unlikely to happen, but the trouble with the latter, is the profit motive of businesses. Doctors would be motivated administer unnecessary tests, prescriptions, etc. to make up for the low price. In turn, the overall price would become too expensive for those who are poor, thus, keeping them away from the medical care they need. Private business don’t only create an unequal medical attention by m...

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