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The planet earth is forever changing and evolving. It is true the Earth’s resources are quickly running out as humans senselessly destroy natural ecosystems for personal benefits. The planet we have lived on all our lives has been depleted day after day in order to keep up with the population demands. But it iss time to say enough to the endless destruction and begin the reconstruction of Earth’s bountiful properties. The documentary, ‘No Impact Man’, demonstrated that living without non-essential products can be done. Although it was quite difficult at times for Colin Beavan and his wife, Michelle, to go without some of their most desired treats for an entire year, but they proved it possible. Their goal was to leave no impact on the earth…show more content…
My estimated greenhouse gas emissions were calculated to be somewhere near 16 tons of 〖CO〗_2 produced on a yearly basis. This is while living in a dorm room on campus as the University of South Florida and imputing results including that I live in a 2-4 unit apartment building with only minor control over my ability to heat and cool efficiently. Also, I partake in recycling and composting sometimes, mostly when it’s convenient, and I don’t sort my waste very well. Due to my financial situation I indicated I don’t use any energy star appliances although I make sure to power them on only while in use. I have no control over the types of lighting installed in my dorm room or several other factors increasing my carbon output including insulation, the air condition efficiency, or the heating and cooling of water efficiently. I do have the capability to reduce my use and eliminate much of my 〖CO〗_2 output. While my estimated greenhouse gas emission levels were below the U.S national average of 27 tons, I still find my results to be unacceptable. After all the world average per person was 5.5 tons. With the information I learned about how to live responsibly and my plans for change I will strive to reduce this number to 10 tons or less. The process of calculating my Carbon Footprint has been an eye opening experience. Never have I consider how much my daily activities impacted the environment but with the information below I will make changes in order to preserve my home on Mother Earth. Following the completion of the Green Living Quiz, I realized there was far more that I could do to preserve the planet. It seemed it would make it harder and it would be rather expensive to do my part, but then I realized there are ways around costly measures such as simply reducing my use of modern technologies and limiting my use of non-renewable resources as much as
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