No Drug Testing For Welfare Recipients

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Over many years, America has experienced change in a variety of ways that has impacted people and their way of life. Traditionally, a person works to earn money that will in turn provide basic needs for their family and without a reliable source of income; it makes it virtually impossible to make ends meet. Before government assistance (what we to as welfare) ever came available to help families in need, people were forced to go without, inevitably affecting their state of health. Over time, as leadership and circumstance changed, there became government programs established to assist the public in meeting basic needs. Since its conception, welfare programs have undergone several changes to accommodate families in need without spending an abundance of tax payer dollars. The following essay will highlight a controversial suggestion to welfare reform: drug testing for welfare recipients, it will also expound on supporting as well as opposing views of the subject.

Welfare consists of various government funded programs that benefit families that lack resources to meet basic life necessities due to the lack of employment or subpar employment. The first ever welfare cases of its kind were introduced in the mid 1900’s, around the time of the Great Depression, and prior to that time, Theodore Roosevelt in his speech on New Nationalism, presented to Americans the concept of taking on the burden of seeing the nation do good for the sake of mankind (Prestritto&Atto, 2008) meaning that in order for a nation to be successful, the people should also succeed. And part of that success is when we reach out to help a neighbor in their time of need. The words of Roosevelt would soon be tested during the time of the great depression when every fami...

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