No Child Left Behind is the Way to Get Ahead

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No Child Left Behind is the Way to Get Ahead There are many students in America today that are struggling to make the grade. These students have not been given all opportunities and chances that they should have been given to be able to reach a higher level of education. Now children have a way to be able to get to the academic level that they rightfully deserve. President George W. Bush has created a plan for the future and a way to get all of our countries students to thrive in the education system and in life. With this initiative, America will be able to close the achievement gap between the Caucasian higher income students, and the lower income minority students. No Child Left Behind is the only way that lower income minority students will be able to succeed, and get the well deserved attention that they need in the form of assessment tests, and higher quality teachers. In 2001, President George W. Bush proposed a plan to close the gap between students in the United States education system. The act was then redefined and passed in 2002, and was fully put into effect. President Bush knew that the education system in this country was in trouble and faced the problems head on, addressing them and proposing solutions in this act. To make sure that students would raise the bar, a system of assessment tests were put into order, and will create a monitoring system with the students progress (Fact Sheet). Students will now have a record of test scores in mathematics and in reading. These scores will ensure that the students will make progress. The scores will also be accessible to parents so that they can check students progress (Fact Sheet). With these scores which the parents will be able to check, they can ... ... middle of paper ... ...ference. The merit of teachers needs to increase, done. There is a need for more funds for educational programs, no problem. The knowledge of the minority students in the public school system needs to be elevated, it’s met. With this act all of the academic problems that American students face will be eliminated in the course of time. No child will have the fear that they will not meet the standards of our nation, or that they will fall behind any other student. America needs help, and America needs the No Child Left behind Act for the future of our country. Works Cited Delisio, Ellen R. “No Child Left Behind: What it Means to You.” Education World 2002. <>. “Fact Sheet: No Child Left Behind Act.” January 2002. <>. “Reaching Out… Raising Achievement.” 2004. <>.
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