No Child Left Behind May Leave Some Behind

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School districts all over the country have undergone countless changes in just a few years. Are these changes for the better? Children in the current school system are faced with numerous tests every year. Why are they being constantly tested? The ceaseless use of standardized testing is a result of the No Child Left Behind Act. Continuous talk about the No Child Left Behind Act can be heard in the hallways of schools nationwide, but why does it matter? The No Child Left Behind Act plays a major role in our students’ education. The students affected by this act is America’s future. Without school making a positive impact on these students, it will be less likely that they will be motivated to make a positive impact on America in the future. The No Child Left Behind Act may be considered a beneficial element in today’s educational system, but the act should be revised. Revisions should be made due to the inefficient measurement of student growth, the stress that is put onto students, and the limitations placed on teachers.
What exactly is the No Child Left Behind Act? The name may sound familiar, but the contents of the act may not commonly known or understand. The No Child Left Behind Act, also acknowledged as NCLB, was established by President George W. Bush. This act was set July 1, 2002 ("No Child Left Behind.”). As summarized by the New America Foundation, the No Child Left Behind Act sets requirements for states in order “to ensure all students are proficient in grade-level math and reading by 2014. Schools must make ‘adequate yearly progress’ toward this goal (“No Child Left Behind-Overview”).” This goal is met by issuing standardized test for students to take.
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