No Child Left Behind

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No One Left Behind

There is a nationwide policy, that states No Child Left Behind. The No Child Left Behind policy was,

"Created in 1980, by combining offices from several agencies." "ED's mission is to promote student achievement."

"The employees dedicate prohibiting discrimination and ensuring equal access to education." Why hold a person back who struggles

with comprehending like other students. Children left behind could face many obstacles, they could be humiliated by their former peers.

They would have to remember not graduating or moving forward with old classmates. They may think of themselves as not as smart as the others.

Facing humiliation, could hurt an individual, more than you think. They would feel like they are not as

good as that person, or others may think they are better then them. By not being good enough, say if a student fails a course or subject,

they would think of themselves as losers. If someone wants to go out in public or to a sc...
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