No Child Left Behind

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We all have heard the key to success is education. However, in the United States, that key to success is far fetched. America as a whole needs many improvements. While America will never be a perfect society as I dream, America needs to take a step forward to improving the country for all. A better education system will be a step toward improving the United States. The education system in America continues to fail our children and falls behind compared to other countries.
Children today are tomorrow’s future. They are the next innovators, scientist, doctors, etc. However, the only way children can grow to make the future a better place is if they receive a world class education. It takes a team effort and collaboration of teachers, principals, school leaders and parents.
A policy that appeared in the United States, which was close to addressing the flaws within the education system, is the No Child Left Behind policy (NCLB). In 2001, President George Bush proposed the “No Child Left Behind” Act which aimed to help disadvantage students have access to a fair and improve education system. NCLB aimed to improve schools in four main ways, which are: accountability for results, doing what work best based on scientific method, expand parental options and expand local control/flexibility (Moyers, 2003).
Under the act, accountability for results mean states must close the achievement gap plus make sure all children including those who are at a disadvantage achieve academic proficiency. Schools unable to meet the requirements must provide services such as free tutoring and afterschool programs.
No child left behind recommend schools to use educational programs and practices which have been proven effective through scientific research. Pare...

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