No Change, No Vote, No Public Involvement

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One question that many politicians ask now in our time, why citizens do not take more interest in politics and public policy? A question that is not asked very often until something major occur that will effect us as an individual. As an uprising politician of the community and as a youth leader, I find already that it will be very difficult to grasp the attention of the people when it comes to politics. From all of the news media outlets, to magazines and newspapers, politics has been pulled into a bubble of being a bad thing. Most of the time you often hear when politics is discussed, its dirty, they are all liars and they do whatever they want so why do we get involved?
When I often hear these notions, I always look at myself and state is this something that I really want to get into. Will I be classified with all of the terms above? As well what alternative can I come up with in order to avoid being bridged under these stereotypes? Many of these questions are always asked when involved with politics and I believe that citizens do not take more interest in politics because of the distrust between the people and the elected officials. In the United States of America, voting for high governmental officials is a right of democracy and of the constitution. When people vote for these officials, they believe in them to get the job done, to serve and to uphold the law for citizen’s rights and services. Voting is a mutual agreement between the individual and the official that when or if you win, I entrust in you to be a great leader and take the city, state and or country in a positive direction while serving in office.
Now that the official is in office and is sworn in, people now uphold you as the elected official to those promi...

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...ieve if politicians meet us more at the people’s needs and be more direct as well in tune with social media, I believe more citizens will get involved. Unlike the past more youth are voting now and if politicians find a way whereas they are not always dictated as liars and dishonest people, more will get in tune with new policy ideas and politics in general. Our major problem from observations is simply trusting in our government. Conspiracy theories, not upholding promises and the media is now to common in our political system. Hopefully that will change soon if politicians become more honest and stick to their agendas. I can almost guarantee that citizens will be more enthusiastic to vote and get involved with policy making. No change, not vote, no involvement. When a difference is made, then people will attach and believe that it is possible for true leadership.
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