No Bullying with HF 826 Safe and Supportive Schools Act

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Governor Dayton has created new act to help Minnesota school with a very important topic Bullying. The new Safe and Supportive Schools Act provides educators, parents and students with tools and resources they need, like bulling prevention and intervention. It will also help lower absences, suspensions and drop out rates because the schools will now how to handle bullying and kids have a place to go and be safe. The bill includes a clear definition of bullying and intimidation so its easier for schools to identify it. The bill also has enumerated protections for students who are more likely to be bullied or harassed for example race, color, disability. The bill will also provide training and resources for students, staff, and school volunteers on bullying, they also have specific procedures that the staff must follow when bullying incidents are reported. It will help people who are being bullied and also try to stop bulling from happening. But there is a lot of different views on this topic some people like the Safe and Supportive act because it could help schools but it might even hurt schools too. We don't know whats going to happen but schools could use this policy but they don't need the Act if it’s going to hurt the school more then helping.
The people that don't support this act say it's going to hurt the schools because they all have to start over and learn new method to bullying when the ones they have already are helping. Bullying is decreasing in Minnesota and schools are getting better with the polices they have now. They have argued the proposal to be unnecessary, and an expensive reach of government it could cause more problems then it could solve. Opponents are arguing that in its current form the legislation could ...

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...sota is being criticized for the policies it has right now because it can vary wildly from district to the next.
In my opinion I think Minnesota needs the Safe and Supportive Act to help students feel safer in school. This act might hurt schools more then help, budgets are already tight and if we add this act it’s going to add more to it if we have to pay more then 40 million dollars a year. Who is going to pay for it if the schools can’t? The money that schools get should go to help make the schools better and add more education they are already having trouble paying for sports, music, and books. What is this going to do to schools if they can’t pay for it? It scary to accept this act other states have tried acts like this or tried to pass the act and it did not pass or work. So I don't know what to say about the safe and supportive act it is hard to understand.
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