No Abortions for Women

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Women should not have the right to abortions, no abortions are safe.

Abortion is the termination of a child before the birth of the child. An innocent child, who is too young to defend itself, is being murdered by what some women want rights to, “ safe abortions”. No human being should have the right to end an innocent life legally and just get away with it.

Women are wanting the right to a “safe” abortion, but there are no safe abortions. Abortions are the termination of a pregnancy before the child has had the maturing time to reach birth. (Abortion 3) The abortionist can look at the fetus and tell that he or she is a living essences, but the baby has not had the full amount of time to mature all of his organs and bodily tissues and so forth. The operations can be an induced abortion or a therapeutic abortion. (Pregnancy) An induced abortion, just as it sounds, interrupts the pregnancy on purpose. The mother and/or father decides that they don’t want to mother/ father the child and have the doctor purposely about the child. The child has a heart beat, just like any human being, during the abortion. The operation is stopping the baby’s heart beat, any brain wave active that is detectable on the motors, and it’s also stopping the baby from breathing. (Alcorn) Every time that sperm and a woman’s egg emerge an individual is created. (Pregnancy) A baby can be aborted in two ways, by a pill given by the doctors, or surgically removed by the doctors. (Abortion 2) Surgically removing the fetus/baby is also known as the vacuum method. The doctors suction out the baby, at which point is indeed a human form. The abortionist can clearly tell that the fetus is a living human being. If there is any question about the existence of wh...

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...nting to let women end the pregnancies, cut off life form of non dependent child. Abortions are murder, causing one the inability to breath should be against the law.

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