Nivea Case Study

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DESCRIPTION OF COMPANY: Nivea is a one of the international brand of Beiersdorf Company and it is well known for its varieties of skin care products in the world. The name Nivea is derived from Latin word niveus/niveum/nivea meaning “snow-white”. In 1900, the owner Oskar Troplowitz developed many varieties of skin care creams under the Beiersdorf Company. During 1930, the Beiersdorf introduced products as tanning oils, shaving creams, shampoos and toners. In 1980, the nivea brand expanded its market worldwide and started expansion as a brand of skin care and body care and it launched a huge number of products with sub brands in worldwide market. In 1990, they started overtaking companies like Juvena brand which was founded in Zurich and The…show more content…
There are different points which effectively cause to segmentation. Demographic segments are broad. Attitudes towards Nivea products influences their market so it done the market research to understand the consumer attitudes. There are some consumers who are very conscious about their skin and its protection which affects Nivea consumer market. To finding a different group of customer’s segmentation is the important tool and meet the best possible consumer needs. The major target group of Nivea Company is youth because they concentrate and spend more money on their beauty so that the company makes profit by finding the right targeted…show more content…
The marketing instruments mainly aim to meet the requirements of the consumers and to earn some good profits to the company. The Nivea company market research helps to develop and manufacture different kind of products which reaches to the all group of consumers. Nivea launched every product in history based on their market research only. It created huge confidence in the company to manufacture different products and get the profits. Market research helps to the company to establish in different regions and different countries where the consumer needs are required. Nivea also depends on advertising in different kind of media which enable to reach the consumer market. Making television commercials about particular products and broad casting in the televisions, giving advertisements to papers, making hoardings, conducting product campaigns, social media, mass media and product promotions. Through this the product reaches to customers in the market to all age groups. So that the company increases the product sales and get the profit to be the number one in the skin care

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