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Nitrogen is a colorless, odorless gas that can be found in group 15 of the periodic table. Nitrogen is represented by the symbol, N, and has an atomic number of 7. This element was discovered by Daniel Rutherford in 1772. Mr. Rutherford studied Edinburgh University where he began his research on this gas. It started with an experiment including a mouse in a small enclosed area, and from there concluded that the air being released by the mouse was what we know as Nitrogen. At room temperature this element is a gas. Nitrogen has an atomic number of 7, and its isotopes number 14. Other important things to note about this element is the electron configuration which is [He]2s^22p^3, as well as its density which numbers 1035 K.
Nitrous oxide, symbolized by N2O is one of the compounds formed by Nitrogen. This compound was discovered in 1776 by Joseph Priestley. This compound is actually a very easy compound to make. It can be made right at your own home. It involves heating ammonium nitrate to a temperature between 170 degrees Celsius and 240 degrees Celsius in which it breaks down into nitrous oxide and water vapor. The formula is noted as “NH4NO3(s)-2H2O(g)+N2O(g)” (How To Make Nitrous Oxide). What you will need for this type of experiment is Ammonium nitrate, a Bunsen burner, nitrous oxide and water vapor, a test tube and test tube cap, a pipe, hot water, sheet metal with ½ inch hole, and a breaker with pure N2O. Another compound formed by this element is nitric oxide symbolized by NO. “…in air it forms nitrogen dioxide, NO2, a poisonous reddish brown gas.” (Encyclopedia2). Nitrogen trioxide symbolized by N2O3 is also a compound formed from Nitrogen as well as Nitrogen pentoxide, N2O5 which creates nitric acid when it is put in wat...

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...ontact with water it creates an ammonia gas product. This compound is known to be a catalyst as well as being able to produce “tiny dark lumps” (Magnesium Nitride) that “could scratch a polished block of boron carbide, something only diamond was known to do.” (Magnesium Nitride). Potassium Nitrate or KNO3 is used mostly in the agriculture business to protect chloride free sources such as tobacco, potatoes, and lettuce from deterioration. This compound is also popular among pharmaceutical companies. ‘Its use being to help in the desensitization of sore teeth, and it is commonly used in many toothpaste products.’ (PNA) Sodium nitrate known as NaNO3 is a combination of sodium and nitrogen and is found in a powder like form. This substance is used every day in the use of pesticides and helps in getting rid of insects and pest that could be a threat to important crops.

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