Nissan Marketing Strategy

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Chapter – 1 Introduction Automotive industry is rapidly growing. Approximately one in ten jobs in industrialized countries are the jobs related to automobile. For developing countries, they evaluate the condition of local automotive sector for grasping the economic growth opportunities because the auto sector has the wide linkages with the other sector of their economy (Encyclopedia, 1997). Then, this industry makes 60 million cars and trucks per year worldwide. Therefore, it can support jobs for 4 million people directly and many others are indirectly (Papatheodorou et al., 2007). Due to the above factors, the automotive industry was firstly selected to study. Specifically, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd was selected because it was sixth largest automobile company around the world in 2013 (Nissan, 2016). In…show more content…
Then the countries that have a great deal with the company are Japan, United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Mexico, Middle East and Asia. Nissan has a strategic plan to optimize market share for its future success in both domestic and global market. 1.2 Marketing Mix of Nissan Marketing mix is the marketing tool that is used by the company to promote its brand. It is simple and also a basic concept for marketing. It is based on product, price, place and promotion. The marketing mix of Nissan are described in the following. Product. Nissan provides a wide range of products to customers across segments and categories without market restriction. Thus the product strategy of the company is a strategy that is not highly differentiated. This strategy helped the company grasp the various markets and also provide the benefits to gain reputable market share. However, due to the lack of depth localized products, it did not become top automaker (Bhasin,
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