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Videogames was invented in the early 20th century and many children under the age of 20 were immediately drawn to it. Many video games started as an arcade game, which in most cases were less than twenty-five cents. It then evolved into home consoles you can play on the TV. Today there are handheld consoles and improved TV consoles for a better gaming experience. Many companies such as Microsoft and Sony create videogames, but still have their other products (not game related). Nintendo, a popular videogame company, focuses nothing but videogames. It brings up a good question, why is it a popular company? Well Nintendo helps communities, successful games, and how their improved consoles give a better gaming experience.
To start, Nintendo was founded in 1889 by Fusajiro Yamauchi in Kyoto, Japan (IGN). Today Nintendo is running efficiently and it’s all thanks to Nintendo’s current president, Satoru Iwata (IGN). Nintendo of America’s president is Reggie Fils-Aims (Ryan 257). The people of Nintendo work hard to be a great success and it all started with one man and his big ideas.
Nintendo worked hard to make the first consoles that helped them get a jump start in success, but unfortunately it had a downfall that almost crushed their company’s reputation. In 1980, one of Nintendo’s skilled inventors Gunpei Yokoi, saw a man playing with his calculator, which gave him an idea, a small game that runs on batteries (Ryan 10-11). The Game & Watch was that game and it was released in 1980 which allowed the player to watch a ball and keeping it airborne with buttons (Ryan 10-11). Later on, Nintendo made TV consoles. In 1983, the Nintendo Entertainment System or the NES was released and games like “Super Mario” and Legend of Zelda” became pop...

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...entary School decided to have students play 5 minutes of “Just Dance” and as a result tardiness was lowered (Hellmich). At the same time, Libraries used videogames to get teens’ attention. They used the Nintendo Wii to get them to come to the library and as a result, kids come even if there wasn’t any videogames at all (Pham). That attracted attention but the DS taught students to learn English. Girls who attend Tokyo’s Joshi Gakuen all-girls junior high learned English using the Nintendo DS and the students enjoyed learning (Kageyama).
Nintendo went above and beyond the limits of gaming. They didn’t let one mistake get in their way. They helped communities with their games, their products were a success, and gave quality in their games. The reason they are popular is their creativity. They make games and life fun. They made the world a more creative and fun place.
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