Nintendo Case Study

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Jordan Sizemore
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Nintendo was a company that originally made playing card games but decided in the 1970’s to branch out into video games. Their first few video game systems did not have much to them and were overlooked. They finally got a leg up in the industry in 1985 when they introduced the Nintendo Entertainment System or NES to the market. While it was very successful because of its superior graphics when it became coupled with a certain plumber named Mario it became the superstar console of the gaming industry. Their success continued along to their 16-bit Super Nintendo Entertainment System or SNES, which was made in response to their competitors making their own 16-bit game systems. (McGraw-Hill Primis. Customized
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And while it was not particularly successful it was a strong enough console to outdo Sega and compete equally with the newcomer Microsoft, although both were outdone by Sony. They had used new smaller discs to cut costs and decided to leave out the DVD option completely on the console. They started implementing new controller technology such as drums and dance mats in an attempt to find out what was accepted by the public and what was not. And the games took a more kid friendly and family oriented approach. However the GameCube was just the beginning in Nintendo’s new approach to the gaming industry, and could be considered more of an experimental or early prototype game console than a serious one. The game console that took everything that was learned from the GameCube and expanded upon it was the Nintendo…show more content…
It focused on family oriented gaming and relied heavily on its incredibly accurate motion sensing through the controller that looked more like a remote control for the television. It still used the small discs that the GameCube had used but the discs had also been improved. Also their lesson involving the expensive cartridges stuck. Instead of turning out a gaming console that cost around 300 to 400 dollars the Nintendo Wii cost around 200 dollars. And while the price cut did come with things like less memory and graphics than Sony’s new PlayStation 3 their new focus and way of playing video games more than offset that difference. Nintendo’s new focus on family oriented gaming and new motion sensor and controller technology made them major contender and once again provided them a long lasting spot in the video game console
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