Ninjas in Feudal Japan

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The Ninja was one of Japans greatest mysteries and greatest warrior of all time. However dishonourable the job, it still got done. So there are many questions that arise from these mysterious people like who were they, and exactly what did they do, and so to answer these questions we must look deeper into the history of feudal Japan.
The Ninja first appeared in feudal japan in the fifteenth century and are often thought of as the first spies. However there was little trace of left after the ninja finally disappeared around the beginning of the Edo period in the sixteenth century which made it hard to find information about them today. They were said to come from the lower class in japan and often just peasants just trying to find a way to make a living. The word Ninja came from the Japanese language Kanji and in this language the word was “shinobi”, this word meant stealthy soldier and also used to describe the ninja when they came around. As the Ninja was a very risky job a required a lot of skill one thing it did not require however was literacy. Often times the Ninja was either illiterate or could read and write very little. Instead they learned war epics such as the Tale of Hogan (Hōgen Monogatar) and the Tale of Heike (Heike Monogatari).
The Ninjas were mostly peasants in japan and sense they were around the same time as the samurai some were even rejected samurai who felt sense they could not be a samurai and achieve great honour would be a ninja that they knew would be very dishonourable. The Ninjas were hired by feudal lords in japan to plunder and when they wanted someone to be Tgone without any trouble. They also led the way into nighttime attacks after having been there scouting out the place for information to give ...

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...m from being able to hide in small spaces. The Saya, the sword scabbard, was often longer than the sword itself so they could hide papers and sometimes distraction powder in it. This could also serve as a breathing tube if the ninja had to swim under water for any length of time. And the last but not the least weapon is the Shuko, these Shuko were a very dangerous weapon and were also known as climbing claws. They were used by the ninja to scale walls and climb trees. They are a metal band with four curved spikes on one side to fit over your hands. However these were not only for climbing they were also used to defend against sword attackers.
So you can see the skilled ninja was the most efficient and handy warrior to have in feudal Japan especially when it came to feudal lords who needed a quick, hard, and dirty job done fast without having to get their hands dirty.
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