Nina's Personality In The Film Black Swan

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The film Black Swan (Aronofsky, 2010) is one of yearly biggest hits directed by Darren Aronofsky. It tells a tragedy story about a ballerina, named Nina Sayers (Natalie Portman), who was struggling with approaching the role of “black swan” after being selected as a new swan queen but finally ended up with mental disorder and self-destruction. This essay analyzes Nina’s multiple personalities based on the theory of personality proposed by Freud.
Personality, claimed by Freud (1924), consisted of three aspects, id, ego and super-go. The id is inherited from the instinct of human, a primitive dynamic mechanism to meet the sexual and biological drives filled with irrational and destructive impulses. The ego is the rational, decision-making
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At first, Nina was a very obedient 28 years old big baby lived pink room with full of dolls with her mom. Being treated as a little girl hampered the normal growth of Nina’s personality (Aronofsky, 2010). The collision between Nina’s ego and superego occurred eventually, presented by Nina’s indulge herself in the bar with Lily to against her mother’s expectation of being a nice girl. The pick of Nina’s personality conflicts occurred in the plot when Nina was irritated by the illusion that Lily wanted to take the place of the role of “black swan”, but the image of Lily was turned out to be Nina herself. Two Nina, one with white swan clothes and another with black swan clothes, started a fierce physical confrontation, which is in actual the most intense moment (Aronofsky,…show more content…
In fact, if Nina did not against the superego, she could not perform both the role of white swan and black swan perfectly. The instinct of death is silent in nature, and the cry of life is mostly from Eros. Therefore, in the Black Swan (Aronofsky, 2010), Nina's ultimate death reflected the fierce confrontation of her multiple aspects of personalities, which is the main clue of the film narrative. This film, in fact, told us that everyone has a "black swan" in the heart, and we all need an appropriate desire to release and transformation of our various levels of harmonic personalities, thus to recognize and reach
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