Nile River Importance

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The Nile played an important role in the life of the ancient Egyptians. It makes life in the deserts of Egypt possible. It provided drinking water, a source of irrigation for crops, and most importantly the fertile soil used to grow crops. Without the Nile River it would have been difficult for Egyptian civilizations to survive. The Nile provided the crucial resources needed by a growing civilization. It caused all the ancient Egyptian communities to develop alongside the river. It also created a way of transportation of goods and people. This caused the development of boats and other water traveling methods.
Providing extremely fertile soil is one, if not the most important, roles the Nile River played in the life of the ancient Egyptians.
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The Nile has hundreds of fish that Egyptians would catch using cast nets. Some of the fish in the river included: catfish, mullet, bolti, and perch. Not only was fishing practiced to feed people, it also became a sport. Other animals were also attracted to the Nile as a source of water. This led to ancient Egyptians hunting them for food and also for sport. There are many wild birds, ducks, and geese that flocked to the marshes alongside the Nile. Crocodiles and hippopotamus’ also used the river and became game to Egyptian spears and arrows. Without the Nile, the animals used for both food and sport would not have been able to survive and thrive like they did. The Nile acted as a watering hole for the animals and as a hunting ground for the ancient Egyptians. By providing the resources for agriculture and attracting the animals for hunting, the Nile River has basically played a role in providing for all the food of ancient Egyptian cultures.
Another product from the Nile is the papyrus plant. This plant was used by ancient Egyptians to create papyrus paper. This paper allowed for Egyptians to record important events and other legal documents. Egyptians could now record religious rituals and write down information that would be passed on from generation to generation. The Nile provided all of this. Papyrus paper was used for political
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