Nikola Tesla: Wizard of the Industrial Revolution

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The Industrial Revolution brought great advances to humanity. New inventions would come out to help make life easier, and one of the most famous inventors of the era known as “the age of invention” was Thomas Edison. Called “The Wizard of Menlo Park,” Edison is famous for inventions such as motion picture and the light bulb and is considered the most important inventor of “the age of invention” and of all time. However, this is far from the truth as Edison was able to steal these inventions from inventors in order to make a profit. One of these inventors he steals credit from is Nikola Tesla. Telsa, despite receiving little to no recognition for his work, has gained a far more positive reputation in the eyes of history. When Tesla and Edison are compared, more often than not, Tesla will be the more beloved due to his humble nature of accomplishments and the tragedy seen in his story.
Tesla was born a member of the Serbian elite, with his grandfather being a member Napoleon’s army. Since his childhood, Tesla had a creative and brilliant mind, with some of his creations including snares for capturing birds, a parasol which he fell off his family’s barn unsuccessfully using, even a propeller driven by mayflies tied and glued to the blades . Tesla would retain this creative genius through his college career when he had caught the attention of the men working for Thomas Edison. Edison at the time managed a team of inventors to help create and perfect inventions for patenting. Tesla had been previously perfecting the electric motor and alternate current electrical power when he approached Edison’s men in Paris, where he would then be employed under. Edison himself would take notice of the young inventor and request him to move to Ameri...

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... their partnership turned sour, bitter rivalry in the War of the Currents, and the death of Tesla; it was the perceived underdog status of tesla which has won many people to his story. Tesla because of this story, Tesla has become the pillar for the inventor and innovator ethos, and history has brought this man to rise and become godlike in his feats and triumphs.

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