Nikola Tesla Biography

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Nikola Tesla is a world famous inventor and electrician. His contributions to the world have changed it, helped it, and helped it develop into the future. But one loss in the family caused him to gain low self-esteem, and for his accomplishments to pale in comparison to the memories his family held of the one they lost.
Nikola Tesla was born July 10th, 1856 in the town Smiljan which lay in the Lika province of Croatia. Nikola’s parents were Milutin Tesla and Djouka Tesla. His father, Milutin, was a clergy man after failing to stay in the army. The cause of his father enrolling in the army was due to how “an officer criticized him for not keeping his brass buttons polished.” (Aldrich, 1) His mother Djouka gained mature and maternal responsibilities after her mother had gone blind when she was a young girl. Djouka was an inventor and invented many things like butter churns, looms, and kitchen tools such as a mechanical eggbeater. Nikola was the second eldest out of his siblings. The oldest was Dane, and he had three younger sisters called Angelina, Milka, and Marcia. They spent their childhood in the countryside they were born in. As a young child, Nikola did invent many things and was even a hero. At a young age, Nikola’s family moved to Gospic. One Sunday, the fireman brought in a new fire truck and wished to demonstrate how well it worked. They lit an example fire, and when it got too big, tried to extinguish it. The hose did not work however and Nikola suspected a kink in the hose as it drew water from the river. Nikola dove in, untangled the hose, and emerged from the river as a hero to the people. This act and applause for him edged him on to continue inventing for he realized accomplishments such as untangling the h...

... middle of paper ... inventions and work. In 2009, the laboratory was posted for sale for almost $1.6 million and thus sparked more people into interest in this project. Ever since it was posted for sale, people have continued to work to raise funds in order to buy it and preserve its beauty. The state of New York has recently taken account of the Tesla Science Center’s efforts and awarded them with an $850,000 grant. They however cannot take the money until they raise a similar amount of money.
Although a loss in the family severely hurt Tesla and his family, he still succeeded in life. He invented many things that we still use today and has even brought us together as a people. Tesla will forever remain a famous inventor to the world, and his success will live on with his name. His understanding of electricity and how things work will forever remain a part of humanity today.
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