Nikki Giovanni Poem Analysis

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“A lot of people resist transition and therefore never allow themselves to enjoy who they are. Embrace the change, no matter what it is; once you do, you can learn about the new world you 're in and take advantage of it.” Nikki Giovanni was born in Tennessee in the time period where racial segregation was reaching its peak. She was a talented writer who displayed her views of the world around her through text. Her affinity towards the civil rights movement is a leading factor that defined her voice and what gave substance to her literary prowess. She not only was an inspiration behind the keyboard but in the public eye for she attended countless speaking engagements to pass on her experience to the youth of today. Although Nikki Giovanni lived…show more content…
This love they held was sacred it was what kept them anchored to hope for a brighter tomorrow. Believing that something so beautiful could exist in a world that shunned them gave happiness in this desolate world. Her poem, “Love is” is a prime example of how much Nikki Giovanni saw the weight of the power of love. This poem depicted the importance of finding pure joy and to keep it close to your side so you can weather countless storms ahead. Nikki Giovanni’s focal point, aside from a woman’s point of view, was to show that when moving towards your goal it is okay to step back every once and a while and remember what you are fighting for. Love in its purest form is not merely just between two people but in the context it was written and the circumstances you can come to the conclusion that this love is for your fellow man. On a wider scale you can put together that the love that Nikki Giovanni is displaying is one that can be shared with all races. This can best be seen when she states, “no matter how young or old you are Some people don 't remember that love is listening and laughing” and this translated to the circumstances means that if both sides listens and understands one another a new form of love can form. This poem is influential for it can be drawn into countless circumstances but Nikki Giovanni has also written a poem called, “Beautiful Black Men” which showed the beauty that in the African American that has been overlooked for so long. This poem gives a different view of African American men and discharges the misconception they are given. The line, “black men with they afros walking down the street is the same ol danger but a brand new pleasure” displays word play on danger but with a new infliction that brings a brighter disposition to African American men. This poem also displays love that can be seen as the same for every other race. In this

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