Nike's Brand Development Efforts

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One of the fundamental parts of successful brand creation process is developing the strong brand image and communicate brand ID across all available media channels. This essay will discuss and evaluate companies NIKE marketing strategies in terms of companies brand development efforts. The company’s success in the footwear, apparel and accessory markets will be linked with marketing branding concept. Furthermore, the discussion on NIKE marketing strategies and their efforts to preserve and increase the leading market position and marketing activities to increase brand equity will be discussed and critically evaluated.

Nike today
Companies Nike main business activity engage the design, development and worldwide marketing of high quality sport shoes, apparel, accessory products and equipment. Nike is the one of the largest brands selling high quality athletic footwear, athletic apparel and equipment in the world. The products of the company sell to retail accounts in the United States and through the various independent distributors, subsidiaries and licensees in many countries around the world. (source In year 2012 Nike reported total annual revenue of $25,313 million and Net income of $2,485 million. (
Historically, Nike engineered and manufactured the sports shoes for athletes to compete and train in. The company's marketing strategies was aimed to sport shoes segment of market that in short period made products so attractive and desirable that they became a must have accessory to the large number of American people. The Nike popularity rapidly grew around the world. The people who would not take part in sport activities on regular basis choose to wear NIKE as company grew in to being part of...

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...the time there was a lack of quality footwear and improvement in the athletic shoe market segment and that was exploited by the founders. In other words design and development of sports shoes was the core aspect of companies clarity in terms of vision and direction. Consistency subsection of 4-Cs framework can be linked to companies’ ability to constantly develop and improve. One of the Nikes success cornerstones is that company continuously investing in development and marketing. Credibility is embedded in Nikes quality of products. The fact is backed up by returning customers who are willing to repeat the product purchases and be part of the brand. In terms of competitiveness Nike has managed to hold on to their leading market position. Innovative products, strong brand and smart marketing campaigns enabled to keep ahead of their biggest rivals Adidas and Puma.

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how nike's success in the footwear, apparel, and accessory markets is linked with marketing branding concept.
  • Explains how the swoosh symbol helped nike establish as market leader in the sports equipment market.
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