Nike: The Impact Of Nike's Social Media

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When Nike is online saying that only the best use Nike and that it uses the success of others who have used Nike as proof speaks a lot about society when people resonate to what they say, that we attribute failure and success of people to commodities and that anything can be monetized. It was a challenge for many companies to adapt when the internet came about, as it was a new landscape, but once they saw the influence the ever growing internet the internet became riddled with ads. Social media is filled with multiple accounts from companies or different properties or even both. Stores like Nike have to establish themselves in social media without looking like they are just there to promote their products.
The social media presence that Nike
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People feel like what they have is not real or substantial enough. They feel disconnected from their family just like they feel like they feel that if no one notices them that they don’t matter. Promotions of products that offer that reality that we want is a reflection of this. What people seek through these products is the illusion of a better reality than the one that they currently have, almost as a form of escapism. Nike is being promoted on the basis that its cloth is more effective for sports than other but rather, the best wear this. The slogan of the Nike company is just do it, implying that their consumers are people who do not hesitate in moving forward and they just do it. This can be seen in the post that Nike made about the “Roger affect”(Nike, tweet) in which many people go to compete in tennis matches after watching Roger Federer play a match. They end the video with say “inspiration unmatched” talking about how athletes can others to be active. However the bigger implication being that nike consumers are the type of people who are not only inspired to compete but also very dedicated to what they do. In the video the people start…show more content…
The success of the people that Nike promotes helps give Nike a little bit of credibility in what helps make someone a great athlete. So when Nike promotes a shoe saying that a certain type of shoe promising a specific result people not only buy to satisfy the need to create a better reality but also in trusting in Nike and what they can do. Those pictures are their constant appeal to ethos. The athletes like Russell Westbrook and past legends like Michael Jordan that Nike sponsored have created a chain in which Nike gives an athlete publicity and in turn that publicity helps the person they are sponsoring boost the sells for their product more. With all of this Nike helps create an image of what modern American is like. Nike needs to have those great athletes promote their product because it helps create a link between that athlete with the Nike gear they have and because they are using the influence of popularity that those athletes have. It is nothing new that people with a large amount of popularity have a huge sway but the promotion of Nike through the power of popularity is an example of how powerful it has
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