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SWOT Analysis Section here about the overall SWOT analysis and the benefits of doing one for a company. Should introduce the topic to others… especially group members so they know what the analysis does for us and why it is important. Such as, Strengths Strengths are characteristics of the company that give the business a competitive advantage over others. Nike has a strong international brand in which everyone recognizes it from their logo. The logo can be presented by itself without the name and everyone will know what it is. This is a huge, competitive strength that Nike claims. Expanding their product is something else Nike is really good at. In the beginning, Nike started out making shoes. Now they are world-wide leader in sports apparel and equipment. Nike does well to present itself on an international level with endorsement deals usually with the hottest, most talked about athlete in the world. Right now that athlete is Lebron James and before that it was Michael Jordan. We couldn’t think of two more prominent figures in sports. To promote in America, Nike uses current, prominent figures from different sports and have them wear Nike branded clothes from head to toe. Nike is a clothing brand, so it is hard to innovate new products. However, Nike has found ways to innovate new products that cater to different demographics and are offered at different prices. This proves Nike is very adaptable and therefore will remain an industry leader. Some of these new innovative products consist of the new Flyknit shoe, the FuelBand wristband, and Dri-Fit clothing technology. The FlyKnit shoes are very exclusive in that they give the athlete a barefoot running experience, while the wristband moves into the market of wea... ... middle of paper ... ...sure. Threats Threats are potential elements that could cause problems for the business. A potential threat for Nike would be their competitive brands (Reebok, Addidas, Under Armor). Since they are the highest brand in the market, it puts them at risk of eliminating a portion of their market. Another threat facing Nike would have to be repeating the same mistake of child labor in another country. It could be happening right now and we wouldn’t know about it. Hopefully Nike is taking precautions to not make the same mistake because it could prove detrimental to the brand, the name, and company forever. Nike being such a large, multi-national company, they are faced with different pay rates every day. Dealing with these different currencies could ultimately produce a loss of profit. Refer to the SWOT Analysis chart to evidence the something something (page 4)

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