Nike: Leadership And Management

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Leadership and Management Jonathan Arnaldi LDR/300 March 12, 2014 Patrick Donally Leadership and Management Hannah Jones of Nike serves as the Vice President of Sustainable Business and Innovation. She has been influential in stewarding the company’s labor rights strategies, global sustainability, and future innovation. Jones has been named one of the top 10 most creative people of 2010, according to Fast Company Magazine and the World Economic Forum named her a Young Global Leader in 2008. (2012) Jones encompasses many qualities of a good leader and manager. As a leader she is focused on the future of Nike and how it can become more profitable as well as sustainable. She has partnered with several organizations that address issues such as racism, AIDS and HIV, and social injustices. This always has been her passion even prior to her employment at Nike. Her desire for people and their rights have been very beneficial as a leader and also a manager with Nike. (2011) Creating change and initiating goals and strategies is another making of a good leader. During her employment with Nike Jones formed The SB&I team, which is made up of 140 people from different company departments and locations. These team members are dedicated full-time to providing excellence, creating innovation, and enhancing sustainability. This team who in some fashion has sustainability related to their position with Nike, are influential in making decisions regarding improving labor conditions, expanding the companies supply chain, and more cost-effective purchasing. Nike has approximately 36,000 employees who could ... ... middle of paper ... ... References Albanese, M. (2012, February). How She Leads: Hannah Jones of Nike. , (), Retrieved from hannah-jones-nike Clancy, H. (2010, January). Nike’s latest substainability report reflects evolving link between being green and being innovative. Smart Planet, (), . Retrieved from substainability-report-reflects-evolving-link-between-being-green-and-being- innovative/4613 GreenBiz: Innovation is alive and well. (2011). Retrieved from well/ Vogel, L. (2012). Management Innovation Exchange. Retrieved from growth-that%E2%80%99s- good-all

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