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The name Nike is derived from the Greek goddess of victory which is exactly what Nike has over its competitors. Nike has been around for 53 years starting in 1964 and is the leading revenue sports goods company in the world with 34.35 billion US dollars in revenue in 2017. It is not only the biggest sports brand but also one of the three largest apparel companies in the world along with Christian Dior and Zara. It is such a prominent brand that almost everyone has used a Nike product in their lifetime. CEO Mark Parker wrote, “like athletes all over the globe, Nike’s future holds nothing but limitless potential”. Everyone is confident in Nike and their ability to continue creating and producing high quality products that everyone can enjoy. …show more content…

This creates an exhilarating 90 seconds in order to first grab the audience’s attention and spark some energy in them to be active. The song was released in the sixty’s so it is recognized by the older generation and as well as the younger generation due to its appearance on family guy. To match the fast pace tempo the video has exciting camera work with nonstop action and crisp sound effects that emphasize the actions that are being made. The commercial has an overall bright warm tone adding to the picture to bring out a summer vibe due to its release in July. The release date was strategically at the beginning of summer to entice kids to go outside and play. Furthermore, summer is right before the start of many fall sports, indirectly telling kids to gear up with Nike for their next …show more content…

These athletes ask the boy if he wants to join in in order to endorse their products. Athletes such as Andrew Luck for football, Mia Hamm for soccer, Mike Trout for baseball, Anthony Davis for basketball, and Misty May Trainor for volleyball. They even use Yama, Japans heaviest sumo wrestler, at six feet four inches and almost six hundred pounds. This adds humor to the commercial along with the idea that Nike’s audience is worldwide. It highlights Nikes promotion of the body imagine campaign, focusing on that you do not have to look a specific way to be a professional athlete. The usage of these world class famous athletes promoting Nike appeals to ethos, thus providing Nike with credibility that their products must be made of greatness. The commercial indirectly appeals to logos when Nike states that these people who are known for their great athletic achievements use Nike so they must be of good quality. Therefore, Nike is saying that these are the facts based off of them promoting their

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that nike is the leading revenue sports goods company in the world with 34.35 billion us dollars in revenue in 2017.
  • Analyzes how the commercial appeals to pathos because it shows a wide range of people of different ethnicities, ages, genders and body types allowing the audience to identify with one of those people.
  • Analyzes how the commercial appeals to the audience saying that there are always people out there looking for someone else to be on their team and encouraging the viewers to go outside and be active.
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