Nike Case Analysis

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Nike has risen to a global name in the footwear industry and with athletic apparel as well and had over thirty years of experience in this type of business. This company has invested millions in staying relevant and has hired key individuals to help their business stay competitive.
The company started the first athletic shoe, and from that model, other sports shoes launched for events such as basketball and many Olympic sports. Amongst the most famous shoe was the introduction of the “Jordan’s” which named after Michael Jordan, the well-known basketball player, and many variations made, and many famous athletes were spokespersons. The use of this marketing method began the success for Nike, and it is this key factor that allows this company to remain a frontrunner for athletic shoes and apparel. According to Ali (2015), the first product of
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Its slogan ‘Just do it’ has appealed to target customers to buy the product with the sense of inspiration and confidence and which has made it the major competitor in athlete industry” (p 5).
As with all companies, Nike has taken considerable time and effort to outline a mission statement that embodies all that the firm symbolize. The research is unclear on exactly what if any vision statement this company. According to Panmore Institute (2017),
Nike Inc.’s indorsed mission statement is “to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world.” This mission statement signifies the company’s strategic goal of reaching out to the global sports shoes, apparel, and equipment market.
As a leading manufacturer of sports shoes, clothing and equipment, Nike Inc. inspires people to adopt a winner mindset, which covered in the “inspiration” component of the mission statement. The company’s slogan “Just Do It” represents this inspirational goal. Also, Nike’s mission statement emphasizes innovation. According to Nike News (2014)
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