Nightmarish Themes In Edgar Al

Themes in Works by Edgar Allan Poe

Horror stories seem to provoke a certain feeling inside all of us. They can make us scared, nervous, or even just amazed. If a horror story is told well, it can make just about any reader cringe. There are certain elements that must be in a horror story to really make it frightening. Some of these elements include the setting, the characters, a feeling of suspense, foreshadowing, and unexpected events. All of Edgar Allan Poe’s stories and poems seem to bring about a whimsical and nightmarish feeling in the reader. Poe’s life was stranger than most, which has probably helped him to create such ghastly tales. “The Fall of the House of Usher”, “The Raven”, and “The Masque of Red Death” all contain those qualities that make them dreamlike or nightmarish.
“The Fall of the House of Usher” contains many of the elements that make it a true horror story. One example of the foreshadowing of an unexpected event is the crack that runs down the side of the giant house. This fissure is a form of foreshadowing and also is a way to show how Roderick Usher’s mind is cracking and how he is slowly going mad. As the story ends, the “fissure rapidly widened”(172) and the house crumbles to the ground. Also, the setting and setting add to the terror of the story. The House of Usher is a very gloomy, moss-covered house that is large and gothic looking. The weather throughout the story is gloomy and, toward the end of the story, a s...
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