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I’m surrounded by pure darkness, but my footsteps are guiding me towards light at the end of the void. The shrouding darkness segues to the grey floors belonging to the end of a sombre apartment corridor. The mildew walls are of dirty unwashed white. Above me, a light bulb pathetically tries to keep itself from falling asleep as it flickers dimly. To my left is a squared broken window that tells me it is dusk. Shards of glass lay on the ground next to my bare feet. It seems that the window was recently broken or it has been left abandon. I then stare at the apartment door in front of me, room 303. There’s an eerie ambience seeping out from the other side of the room that frightens me. Somehow, I know what is on the other side, yet I don’t. I don’t want to know, but I’m curious. It’s all too familiar. Everything about my surroundings is all too familiar, but I can’t recall a single thing. Before I could escape this corridor with my conflicting feelings, a shattering scream shoots up into the air and stops me. Without thinking I rattle the door open in urgency. I run inside and sto...

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