Nightlife in West Palm and Gainesville

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An exciting downtown night life is an important component of many towns and cities. Gainesville and West Palm Beach are two cities in Florida that are both well-known to people. Although they are in different parts of Florida, they are similar in a few ways. For instance, both have a local university; both are hot spots to pursue careers; and both have large shopping plazas. Both cities differ in a few ways as well. For example, Gainesville is a college town, home to the Gator Nation. West Palm Beach, on the other hand, is a municipal town, home to beautiful beaches. Gainesville is more student populated, whereas West Palm Beach is more middle-age populated. One fascinating area of the two cities is their downtown area. Downtown is the city’s core business district. It is the activity center which has many restaurants, theatre attractions, and bars/clubs. As a resident of both cities, I can attest that even though the demographics of the two cities are vastly different, their downtown areas offer essentially the same kind of entertainment. Given that eating is probably the first thing most people like to do before they begin their evening of fun, this paper will begin there in terms of comparing and contrasting the downtown areas of Gainesville and West Palm Beach. Dining out is a common way to spend one’s evening catching up on life. Whether friends and family talk about work, school, or just how their day went, dinner provides a nice, friendly environment to have a pleasant conversation. Gainesville’s and West Palm Beach’s downtown areas offer several types of restaurants including fast food, casual dining, and fine dining. They offer a range of international cuisine, such as Italian, Chinese, and American. While they have ... ... middle of paper ... ...nesville and West Palm Beach have a different kind of demographic, the cities offer the same type of entertainment to do on any given night. The cities have a downtown section that has lots of restaurants, theatre companies and bars/clubs. Yet, the thing that separates the two cities is the populations, and that population is the determining factor which dictates the prices restaurants charges, what kinds of productions are being shown, and how late the clubs are open. The good thing about both cities is that anyone can have a great night because downtown provides a variety of things to do. Such things include dining at a delicious restaurant, attending theatre productions, and going to the bar and clubbing. In coming to terms with comparing the downtown of Gainesville to the downtown of West Palm Beach, both cities offer the same kind of activities to do for fun.

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