" Night" : the Progression of Eliezer Relationship with his Father

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Strong relationships are the foundation of life. Night by Elie Wiesel explores this topic by throwing a father and son relationship into a tragic event. As the book progresses, Elie Wiesel’s relationship with his father strengthens his will to survive, even though the events have driven them apart. In the book, family is shown to be important for one’s survival, then his father’s wellbeing becomes his sole reason for survival and in the end the relationship fades but still strengthens the ability to survive.
In the book, family is an important reason for survival. When Eliezer was given a chance to escape, Eliezer chooses to stay with his family instead of leaving selfishly (18). Eliezer choosing family over personal safety makes it evident that family is a key to Eliezer’s instinct of survival. Eliezer’s understanding of “family is survival” strengthens even more when he is in the concentration camps. In the concentration camps, a distant uncle approaches Eliezer and he decides to stay close to this uncle (40). Even though Eliezer and his uncle are distant relatives, Eliezer staying close to him shows Eliezer understands family is a reason to continue to live. During the talks with his uncle in the concentration camps, Eliezer is confronted with the issue of telling his uncle about his family. Eliezer lies to his uncle about what has happened to his family (42). Eliezer lies to his uncle to protect his uncle from losing hope to be alive. By doing this Eliezer displays factors that he understands family is his will to survive. Although Eliezer’s will to survive is his family as the book progresses, the entire family is reduced to his father.
Eliezer is separated from his mother and sister thus, Eliezer’s reason to survive shift...

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...humanity which increases his survival abilities. Even though Eliezer loses his relationship with his father, losing the relationship fuels his will to survive positively.
Night by Elie Wiesel shows the relationship Eliezer has with his father throughout the book strengthen his resolve to survive. In the beginning, Eliezer’s family is the will of Eliezer’s survival. As the book progresses it becomes his father’s presence that is the reason for Eliezer’s survival. At the very end, it was losing the bond with his father that strengthens his ability to survive the most. The progression of Night and the struggles Eliezer endures causes his relationship with his father to perish but in turn, strengthens Eliezer’s will to survive.

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