Night Time Crime Essay

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The night-time economy is a phrase used to describe areas where night time entertainment is prevalent, especially venues such as nightclubs, bars and other licensed locations. The night-time economy is often linked with factors of crime including alcohol, sex and drugs. The areas around these locations are known for heavy involvement with these types of crimes, as well as alcohol and drug fuelled violence. The area being focused on in this essay is the infamous Kings Cross area of Sydney. Known for its night-life and unparalleled diversity, this area of the capital is renowned for offering some of the best entertainment venues in the country as well as unfortunately high crime rates. Through careful study of crime statistics and distribution in New South Wales, it can be clearly seen that the city of Sydney, most noticeably the Kings Cross area have the highest levels of assault count in the entire state. (BOCSAR-Map showing Incidents of Assault: Non-domestic from Oct 2012 to Sep 2013). The map shows that the area surrounding the capital has an exceedingly high assault rate level of ...
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