Night Of The Living Dead Analysis

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Tori Andrade 9/18/17 English Honors 60 sentences Night Of The Living Dead Essay The Night Of The Living Dead was not only about dead corpses coming alive and devouring the human race, it also had many key points that today we see very different than the people back in 1968. The movie starts with a brother and a sister going to their father's grave to drop some flowers off. I take notice of the brother's attitude because his actions speak his thoughts of hedonism since he doesn't find any pleasure or fun visiting his father's grave. As they start to leave the graveyard, Barbara's brother points to a man making his way towards them and starts to tease and scare her saying “they’re coming to get you, Barbra”. I found this quote ironic because when the man starts to approach them, Barbar walks up to the man to apologize for her brother's foolishness. Out of nowhere, the man starts to attack and grab at her. Ben steps in to save his sister and sadly loses the fight. The zombie becomes consistent to chasing Barbara off until she finds herself at a random house. This house becomes a very important shelter for her and future characters that we encounter in the movie. As Barbara enters the house she comes across a colored man named Ben. Ben has the right idea of boarding up the house, finding proper…show more content…
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