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The concentration camps that were around during the Holocaust and World War 2 were very dangerous places to be. Is it possible to survive a concentration camp under Nazi dictatorship? Yes it is possible because it has been done before so it can be done again, you could survive if they respect you and you can increase your chances of survival by following a few simple tasks. Surviving a concentration camp would be very hard and dangerous.

It is possible to survive a concentration camp under the Nazis because it has been done before. Many people have survived the concentration camps. It might sound like a lie because millions died during this horrific time but many also survived. I actually happen to know a few people that survived like my Dziadzio (polish for grandfather) Frank who survived Auschwitz for over a year. Just because you are going to a concentration camp, doesn’t mean they are going to kill you on the spot. If you follow directions they won’t kill you. I know it is possible to survive a concentration camp because there are millions of people who have done it. Look at Elie Wiesel, he survived the concentration camp and has gone back many times including in his interview with Orpah Winfrey where they visited block number 17 and he quoted “I haven’t been in there since the Holocaust.” Block number 17 was where one of Hitler’s close followers did dangerous experiments on living people such as rubbing chemicals on parts of their body, most of them died. It may have been done before but with millions of Jews dead because of this it’s not likely you will be one of the survivors if you don’t follow the rules.

You can extend your stay in the concentration camp if you gain some respect. In order to gain respect from the Nazis you mustn’t talk back to them. If you don’t talk back or make any smart comments then they won’t get mad at you. You can also pretend to show them respect no matter how much you hate them or want to kill them. If you have respect for someone then the will most likely have respect for you. Another way to gain respect from the Nazis is to help other Jews at your workplace so the Germans think you are trying to increase production. You can gain respect from the Nazis it’s just really hard.
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