Night By Eliie Wiesel: The Problem Of Evil

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The problem of evil arguably the most personal and haunting question in apologetics. No heart is untouched by the sting of another’s words and the ultimate display of evil, death. For some, like Elie Wiesel in his autobiography Night, the full scope of human evil is unbearably clear as they are faced with the full measure of human evil. This reality of evil often leads to two responses: “since there is evil, there cannot be a god” or “if there is a god, he cannot be loving or powerful, or worse, he enjoys evil.” By exploring the nature of evil, developing loving, Christian responses, and historical evils like the persecution of the Jews, the problem of evil and the hope depicted in scripture comes into focus. The problem of evil is inescapable in this fallen world. From worldwide terror like the Holocaust to individual evils like abuse, evil touches every life. However, evil is not a creation of God, nor was it in His perfect will. As Aleksandr…show more content…
First his family was sent to the ghettos where they lived in cramped quarters isolated from the rest of the world. Then they were sent to Auschwitz where his mother and sisters were killed and Elie and his father were sentenced to hard labor. It was in Auschwitz where Elie lost his innocence and lost his faith in a loving God. For the rest of the war, he and his father were transferred from camp to camp working in the fields or in factories. Elie was determined to survive and fought against hopelessness and pain to survive the war. His father, however, succumbed to the desires that ran ramped in the camps. Wiesel saw the worst of human evil and was subject to all its horrors. In the end, Wisel’s image of God was forever tainted as he saw God as one who cannot stop or does not wish to stop evil but must till be obeyed. During the Holocaust, all forms of human and supernatural evil were unleashed upon the Jews, and it will forever be a black mark on human

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