Night Bride - Original Writing

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Night Bride - Original Writing

That feeling washed over her again. Like the blackness washing over

the light. It creeps in gradually enveloping the earth, devouring the

last traces of the struggling dusk. Suddenly, with the dark, plump and

full on its feast of the light, everything turns a little bit uneasy,

and the world shifts on a weary axis.

That is how it starts. Slowly it crawls inside, eating away at her

until she is filled with the dark sensations most others never admit

to having. She weakly resists, as does the light; but they both know,

they will never win, it's just a force of nature for the both of

them... beyond their strength, and beyond any reasoning…That is just

the way it always was, since the birth of them both. She found this

amusing, how her and the light had so much in common…and yet she had

the feeling, whom ever it was that made them, were not of the same.

She no longer fights as hard... Usually muses over memories while it

enters. Has "he" always been with her? Yes, she knew he had. Been with

her before her mortal maker. Chosen for no particular reason she knew.

Like the winner of the world's most unlucky lottery. Whatever the

reason, he breathed the water of her mother's womb with her, and blew

sour heat into her lungs on her first draw of air.

She rallies up an exhausted laugh when she thinks of the days she used

to fight it... Fight it with all her heart and soul, and believing she

could win. How amused he was and strangely touched by her strength. So

much so, he let her live her teen years like the rest of "them." After

awhile she started to forget him, and after more passing time, he was

nothing but a nightmarish imaginary friend she had had when she was

small. This is when he decided to crawl out of the dark corner he was

crouched in so patiently... Like the people who leave home and make it
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