Nietzsche’s Meditation on Buddhism

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Many of us have been taught at a really early age what religion we are to follow and, what God is our God. We don’t have a say or don’t even think we have a say. At a certain age you stumble on a person that changes your prospective on life and makes you question everything. Nietzsche was that person that yanked my comfortable welcome carpet off my feet. Religion and all that came with it was nothing but an afterthought. When again I stumbled on an amazing person that I see in every Asian restaurant we come across by. The majority of us don’t even know the real story behind Buddha we all think he is the fat bald man, when he wasn’t at all. Nietzsche as we all know it was very critical of any religion and Buddhism was one of them. Buddhism is a Rebellious religion in his eyes. Who are we kidding; Nietzsche enjoys challenging everybody’s religion. It wouldn’t be Nietzsche if he didn’t make anyone turn on their grave. His knowledge of Buddhism, I think we're not all fair. Buddhism is not a religion, I think where he got his info was incomplete and was fast to accuse. I can see where many people think it is, seeing it comes from Hinduism as I can see Nietzsche using that against it. He did give credit where it was due to Buddhist teachings like almost every atheist does. I also think his ideas have a familiar resemblance to Buddhist policies. What was really Nietzsche’s appraisal on Buddhism we might really never know if he actually spend more time on it, would he change his mind? He had in his mind that Buddhism was a passive Nihilistic religion. That is a big assumption to Buddhism is there no positive attribute we can receive out of Buddhism? I think there is and I can say that I have a decent motive to consider that Nietzsch... ... middle of paper ... ...ts. I think it is impossible for someone to have their own thought completely without having any influence. Nietzche would make fun of Buddha on his story on how he reached nirvana while he fought evil. He shouldn’t be so quick to judge not saying I would believe him myself. It is just that for people to understand him sometimes we have to make up stories. Just like Nietzsche did in his story of Zarathustra the character seen the devil and I’m positive Nietzsche didn’t believe in the devil. We all have our ways in explaining to people what we want them to think in what matter to think them. If it wasn’t for Nietzsche’s unique way of suffering or Buddhas I wouldn’t look at the world the same. I’m not afraid to be in the wilderness and face what I have to face like Nietzsche did I just know I can’t face it alone. Works Cited The Antichrist, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

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