Niels David Bohr

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Niels Henrik David Bohr was born in Copenhagen on October 7, 1885. His parents were Christian Bohr and Ellen needeler which where genius. Niels had a younger brother named Harold. Christian Bohr was an eminent physociolgist and was responsible for sparking Niels and Harold’s interests in physics while they were still in school. Their mother, Ellen needeler, came from a family distinguished in the field of education.
Niels Bohr parents were well-educated parents. Niels Bohr became interested in physics at a young age. He studied physics thought his undergraduate and graduate years. He worked hard to earn a doctorate in physics in 19911 which he received from Copenhagen University. The next year, 1912, Bohr was working for Nobel laureate, J.J. Thompson, in England. He was introduced to earnest Rutherford whose discovery of the development of an atomic model and nucleus had given him a Nobel peace prize in chemistry in 1908. Bohr began to study the properties of atoms under Rutherford’s tutelage. Rutherford and Planicks theory needed help with their theory and description so Niels Bohr helped explained what happened inside of the atom and developed a picture of atomic structure. In result of his work, he earned a Nobel peace prize in 1922.
During these years of studying under Rutherford and working, he also married the love of his life, Margaret Norland. They had six sons. Four survived to adult hood, and one, Aage, would soon be known as a physics scientist well as his father.
1916 Niels Bohr, after teaching at Manchester’s Victoria University, settled again at the University of Copenhagen as a professor. Bohr went to work with a lot of scientist who interested in the research on nuclear fission during the 1930s, to which he co...

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...this fire inside of them a desire so big that it didn’t matter what it took. The entire family helped each other on what every needed helping or improving. It’s pretty amazing to read about all these achievements that they all made and how many people look up to not only Niels Bohr but the entire family. They’re all geniuses and are amazing people.
Niels Bohr said “Every great and deep difficulty bears in itself its own solution. It forces us to change our thinking in order to find it.” I think it means don’t give up even when the problem is hard just work a little bit harder and you’ll find your answer, but giving up you won’t solve anything but an unknown answer to your own problem. Once you find your answer and know that you didn’t give up will only make yourself better not worse so, what could it harm by not giving up. It can only hurt to give up and not try.
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