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The kingdom of Kwezia is just waking up and you can hear the wails of the babies awaking their parents for their first feeding of the day, the squeal of glee from the little children eager to go out and play in the streets while their parents take care of the houses or go to work to keep the town going. You can hear the sound of metal hitting metal as the blacksmith gets an early start on creating weapons for the kingdom he loves, and the farmers getting an early start at harvesting the necessary food to sell at the market.
The smell of dough baking for the first batch of loaf to be delivered is wafting through the air, but to the soldiers of the Kwezian Army, it is already training time and you can hear the clashing of swords as soon as you step foot on the castle’s ground. Muscular men with sweat dripping from their brows to their well chiseled chests. The servants are rushing around getting breakfast ready for when the king and his family come down for their first meal of the day.
Orders are being yelled left and right by the commanders of each section of the army. It is not time for war but their dedication to protect those they love will not let them respite even for a day. While everyone is doing their best and showing their techniques with the weapon of their choosing, the most attention is drawn to the tall blond-haired man who is waving his sword like it is an extension of his body. Every move and thrust of his sword is precise and not missing a single target. Watching him move keeps you hypnotized as if he was dancing the most beautiful dance ever created, as if he was making passionate love instead of fighting.
Suddenly a little boy with dark brown hair and the most beautiful emerald eyes runs into the training area ...

... middle of paper ... the need to squeal in joy and nods quickly, accepting the sword, “thank you father. I will take proper care of it.”
The man nods at his son’s answer and they start walking back into the training grounds. The little boy looks around him thinking, “This is where my destiny begins!” he stares at each man fighting around him, dreaming that one day he will be one of these men fighting for the sake of his beloved kingdom. As he started getting ready to spar with his father, he promise himself that he will be the greatest fighter known to men and that he will be a hero that shall be renown through the ages to come.
The destiny he has chosen shall be the destiny he is given, but throughout time every great hero has fallen so how long will it be before his destiny is change once again by the fates and if it is, will he be strong enough to fight and overcome the change?
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