Nicholas Sparks's The Last Song

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After reading and watching The Last Song, the conclusion has been made that the novel is better than the film. It was surprising to find the number of differences between the two. Although the basic story remains unchanged, numerous sub-plots were altered considerably. The novel, written by Nicholas Sparks, was developed more fully and had a more natural progression. This was a typical but captivating novel coming from Sparks and it was felt that the film did not live up to its literary predecessor. The film loosely follows the novel. The outcomes were kept the same overall, but many of the fine points and means to the end were different. The film adaption of the Sparks’ novel, The Last Song, was not better than the novel.
The setting of the film was almost about the same as read in the novel. In the novel, Veronica’s father, Steve, lived in a small, old house along the coast. There was sand spread out across the ground, even reaching Steve’s back porch. “The waves crashed and rolled rhythmically along the beach and on the horizon…” (pg. 57) The town came off as a very quaint peacef...
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