Nice Work: Victor Wilcox's Development as a Result of Interaction with Robyn Penrose.

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The development and changes in life and personality of Victor Wilcox throughout the novel as a result of interaction with Robyn Penrose. David Lodges' books sell throughout the world in multitudes of copies. Many different characteristics of his style of writing gave rise to this success. His style is light, although reading his novels may be quite a challenge in terms of vocabulary for a non-native speaker of English. His favourite subject matter is the world of academics. It is always a source for an original set of characters and a bunch of grotesque situations. Some of his books focus only on the circle of society. `Small world' ridicules relations and customs of this closed world of lecturers. `British Museum is falling down' is a story of a modest graduate on the path on an academic career. However, in `Nice work' Lodge presents to us a slightly different situation. The world of higher education in Britain is confronted with the industrial world. This confrontation is possible because of a meeting between Victor Wilcox and Robyn Penrose. Reluctant to any disturbing changes in their lives, they are both forced to participate in the so-called `Shadow Scheme'. The aim of this action is to prove that universities are not `ivory tower' institutions and bring them closer to `the realities of the modern commercial world'.1 The interaction between those two characters is a source of many comic situations but also many interesting observations. In the course of this essay, I will try to discuss the development of Victor Wilcox's character and changes in his personal life as an effect of meeting Robyn Penrose. I will prove that her influence on Wilcox was vital for him. I will also try to discuss the psychological processe... ... middle of paper ... ...ence on his personality and character was enormous - in fact without it he would simply remain a flat character, a psychologically empty person. In the situation of loosing the position at work so suddenly, he would be doomed to failure. However, Robyn helped Wilcox grew to self-awarness and gain true self-confidence. This meeting was a triggerer of his internal change and helped him to restore the bonds between him and his family and society that he lost a long time ago. `Nice work', David Lodge,p.85, 1985 Penguin Edition i.b.i.d., p.25 i.b.i.d., p.17 i.b.i.d., p.27 i.b.i.d., p.13 i.b.i.d., p.28 i.b.i.d., p.116 i.b.i.d., p.120 i.b.i.d., p.226 i.b.i.d., p.247 i.b.i.d., p.315

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