Niccolo Machiavelli 's The Prince

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Niccolò di Bernardo dei Machiavelli born in May 3th, 1469. He was an Italian writer, politician, and philosopher who’s consider very influential in modern political science. He was secretary of the Second Chancery in the Republic of Florence from 1498 to 1512, when the Medici, with help from Pope Julius II used Spanish troops to defeat the Florentines. After the Medici took power, they accused Machiavelli of conspiracy against them and soon after he was captured and torture. The next month after his imprisonment, Pope Julius II dies and Machiavelli obtained amnesty, and got send into house arrest where he wrote his masterpiece the Prince. The prince was published five years after the death of Maciavelli. In 1532 even when all his books were banned by the catholic church. For many years, machiavelli was considered satanic and some even called him the antichrist. The book was dedicated to Lorenzo de’ Medici, but is uncertain if he ever read it. There are multiple theories about why maciavelli wrote the Prince. To some scholars, the Price was the way from machiavelli to ask for a job while showing his experience in the political field, but for others it is just a great piece where machiavelli wanted to share his ideas about leadership, ethics and forms of power. The prince is a book that can be considered a guide in how to obtain power and in how to keep it. Machiavelli in the first chapters defines various types of principalities and princes. Subsequenly, he describes how people in difent way have obtain power in different ways, and argues that there are multiple ways to obtain the same goal, it depends on the leader who is taking the decisions. The most known portions of the book come after chapter 14, where he gives advi... ... middle of paper ... ...easier to retain. Finally, there is so much to highlight from the prince. It is a very simple and straighfoward book full of advices for leaders who want to be in the power. Even when it was written over 500 years ago it still very accured with the way in which politicians and corpotations act. If the book is was a guide for rulers or a work were life is express as life really is will be very hard to know. It can be the case that both are true, but what is really important is that machiavelli wrote a very influencial book capable of surviving for centuries and translatedin many languages. Based on machiavelli’s words, “whether it be better to be loved than feared or feared than loved?” is a question that anyone who reads machiavelli should think about and to see if machiavelli is as seesister as has been called for years or one of the greatest writers of all times.
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