Ni Ketu Arii's Beauty And Dance Of The Balinese Dance

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Here the dancers are inspired by the postures of the bird of paradise during his courtship.

According to the choreographer, Ni Ketu Arini, it is a court dance which stages the admiration of a servant for the Princess’s beauty and fear of the prince. Although since some movements have been simplified, the Condong is still considered to be the basis of Balinese dance. It's a rigorous discipline that must be acquired in childhood.

It was originally a royal entertainment. The dancers were still girls who had not yet reached puberty. They began rigorous training from the age of five. They were highly regarded in society and generally became wives of Royal personalities or important persons.

It was created in Bali in the early 1950s. The sarong extending backward between the feet, long hair lying down, silk for right and left size, give a dance to the gentle movements. The marche on the ground in a slow tempo and the tip of the toes in a fast tempo, are really influenced by the shape of the suit that extends a meter backward. This dance depicts a romance of love between a couple of bees who drinks of nectars.
In Sanskrit, 'Puspanjali' means giving flowers to the deity Jaganntha. Therefore it is the dance of welcome.

As everywhere else, weddings and anniversaries are days of celebration, on these occasions the Nelayan is a popular entertainment. This
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By makeup and colorful and shiny suit, the actor transposes into a character that belongs to another time: the one where the Kings, Queens, gods and nymphs lived and played together. The makeup style varies according to the type of character, their exuberance contrast with the simple look of the Balinese in their daily lives. The makeup was originally much simpler. The dancers used coal to highlight their eyebrows and eyes. The makeup is changing and even if the original concept is, it has become much more colorful and extravagant with modern
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