News Media Exposure: Are the Political Parties Controlling Our News?

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The news is fascinating and destructive all at the same time. Constant fear grips and consumes otherwise logical minds. Fifteen second sound bites influence the public without their knowledge. Each horror more sensational than the last. The ratings pour in as millions of people watch no longer aware of what is going on inside them. Americans deserve the right to know the truth, and this should be provided to us without asking. The news is broken because there is too much financial political influence, news media should be evaluated, analyzed, and the facts broken down into simple journalism so that everyone can benefit from the truth. Sensationalism is an editorial bias, an over exaggeration, reporting on useless facts and turning them into something to be perceived is going to affect the public. Sensationalism, bias which is the opposite of facts, distortion of the truth and invasion of others privacy, desensitizing the public to violence. The media has a bad reputation of sensationalizing the misery of others (for example the current missing Boeing 777 plane), putting cameras into the faces of the families of the missing the passengers as they scream and yell, demanding to know the truth. They capture the viewer’s attention at any cost, appealing to the emotional side of people while picking and choosing what will be their variation of the truth. The main goal of sensationalism by the news is to achieve higher ratings, those ratings will be used to promote themselves to the advertisers that will back the stations financially, increasing their profit. Advertisers can potentially have an influence on the stories reported out to the public. The scandals of the rich and famous, political corruption, and none of which are backed ... ... middle of paper ... ... Godbout 7 Works Cited Influencing Perceptions Of Media Bias.”Journal of Broadcasting in Electric Media” 49.1 (2005): 43-64.Communication& Mass Web Complete Web. 13 Mar. 2014. McChesney, Robert Waterman, and John Nichols.The death and life of American journalism: the media revolution that will begin the world again. Philadelphia, PA: Nation Books, 2010. Print. Media Research Center. "BiasAlerts."Media Research Center. American Media Watchdogs, n.d. Web. 2 May 2014. . Smith, Glen R. (2014) Politicians and The News Media: How Elite Attacks Influence Perceptions Of Media Bias, Copyright © 2009, SAGE Publications Print ISSN:1940- 1612 Taranto, James “The Media Won’t Defeat America by Fighting the Last War.” Bad News Bearers.. American Spectator, 2006. Derived from a speech at ,Hudson University

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