Newman's Theory Of Health As Expanding Consciousness (HEC)

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Health as Expanded Consciousness
In this final paper, I propose to meticulously evaluate Newman’s theory of Health as Expanding Consciousness (HEC). This process will be completed by utilizing the literature available on Newman’s theory, and the guide expressed in Parker and Smith’s (2015) chapter A guide for the study of nursing theories of practice. I will demonstrate how this theory has influenced my personal life, my life as a student, and my nursing practice, and I will also include examples from my life to further validate this. It is my conviction that using HEC enhances the nursing role from merely being a person who completes tasks in a timely manner, to one with a more self-regulating practice.
Understanding the HEC Theory
Dr. Newman
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As a nurse we must recognize that we “cannot isolate, manipulate, and control variables to understand the whole of a phenomenon” (Newman, 2015, p. 283). In my role as a nurse, it is imperative that I realize that all of the patient’s experiences, and patterns will determine how they respond to an illness. For example, if a patient who has relatively no medical history, is diagnosed with bowel cancer, his response will be quite different than someone who has a past history of cancer. The latter person will be equipped with insight into what to expect through his past involvements during the course of his illness or disease. The first patient will require further information, and time to understand the diagnosis. He will have many questions, and will require more support to fully comprehend what is happening in his environment and to himself. The focus of HEC theory in nursing practice is to develop the ability to identify patterns, and to become authentically connected to the patients. The nurse through, “pattern recognition, finds meaning, and accelerates the evolution of her consciousness” (Newman, 1997, p. 23). If your intent is to follow the HEC theory in your nursing practice, you need to reflect, and become purposely present for your patient. This process will increase your ability to enhance your consciousness and awareness, and the adeptness to focus on…show more content…
Newman put forth a theory of health that called nurses to attend to the evolving pattern of interactions between people and their environments” (Dexheimer Pharris, 2011, p. 193). Her theory is known worldwide, and taught in many universities, and written about by nursing scholars worldwide. Personally, Newman’s theory has transformed my nursing practice, and enlightened my nursing knowledge, and interactions with patients. In the articles that I have read, I discovered personal examples of nurses that practiced the HEC theory, and others who have incorporated Newman’s theory of Praxis for research. Newman’s theory encourages the approach of interacting and reaching out to one person, and linking with them. The nurse, by providing an environment that is nonjudgmental and caring, can enable patients to feel connected and supported. I have witnessed the transformations within my own life as a mother, and as a nurse. I am excited about the possibilities of the theory, and how it can affect significant change in the health care field if more nurses incorporate it into their
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