Newjack Case Study

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Will Thurston Question 1 Popular culture is a peculiar entity. In a culture where writers spend immense amounts of time and energy exploring the character intricacies of criminals, depictions of correctional officers are almost constantly unflattering and one-sided. Correctional officers are almost always portrayed as the antagonist. They are described as inherently brutal and mindlessly overbearing, as shallow characters without redeeming qualities. Conover sees correctional officers as multifaceted beings, neither inherently good nor bad, but as common people trying as we all do to behave well in demanding situations. In Newjack, Ted leaves his readers with the sense that for most officers accomplishment is more a matter of controlling the contradictions of genuine sympathy and warranted fury than conquering the kind of sadism portrayed in popular films. Question 2 How can prisons brutalize more than just the inmates? How does correctional work dehumanize officers? I believe that prisons can sometimes brutalize its guards as well as inmates. Now the reason I said sometimes...

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